Testimonials and Reviews

"Suzanne Kosowitz's music is expressive and lyrical, at times with vibrant rhythms and at others with ethereal textures. She has an imaginative ear and inventive musical ideas."
                - David Ludwig: Composition Faculty and Artistic Chair of Performance Studies, Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia United States of America

"Suzanne is incredibly curious and full of energy, and her work shows the signs of a major compositional force in the making." 
                - Robert Paterson: Award Winning Composer and Conductor of the American Modern Ensemble

"Suzanne Kosowitz's The Last Butterfly is music of a very different kind, a flute concerto featuring Andrew Nicholson at his brilliant best in virtuosic arabesques and trills. Stylistically, the music opens few new windows but falls most pleasantly on the ear with charming, sometimes klezmer-spiced, melody and a few dramatic interpolations. It was informed by an engaging immediacy." 
                - Neville Cohn: Music Reviewer of The West Australian ("New WA music hits mark" 13th June, 2013)

“To left of the stage is the gifted musical director, Suzanne Kosowitz, providing – live – a varied soundscape and playing the double bass.”
               - Gordon the Optom: Reviewer for the Independent Theatre Association (“Mutliverse Theory in D” 19th November, 2015)

"Kosowitz has folded half a dozen songs into the story - and the results are outstanding...[Erin Jay Hutchinson, Esther Longhurst, Nick Maclaine and Joshua Walker] belt them out, often to a thrilling effect that’s more than worth the price of admission."
                – David Zampatti: Reviewer of The West Australian (“Multiple pleasures in Multiverse” 23rd November, 2015)

“Suzanne Kosowitz, the musical director, has done an outstanding job. The music from her seven-piece band was well-balanced and complemented the singing, rather than have the poor singers fighting to be heard (as so often happens). The band members were Tabitha Broughton (woodwind), Thomas Felton (Electric bass), Cameron Hayes and Harrison Love (Guitar), Jo Keenan and Daniel Slee (Keyboard) with Richard Pooley (Drums).”
               - Gordon the Optom: Reviewer for the Independent Theatre Association (“Footloose – The Musical” 18th February, 2016)

“Supporting [Shimon and Dov Farkas] were accompanists... Suzanne and her amazingly diverse folk ensemble. [They] applauded the calibre of their musical support teams calling them ‘serious musicians’.”
                - Charmaine Ryan: Reviewer for The Maccabean (“From Jerusalem to Broadway raises the roof” 2nd September, 2016)

“Suzanne Kosowitz led her Kol Nafshi instrumental ensemble, as ever, from the double bass. Sounding altogether at home in a range of styles, Kol Nafshi’s playing provided a consistently versatile pleasure. It is perhaps invidious in so finely integrated an ensemble but it would be ungracious not to particularly mention Scott Collinson (clarinet) and Pippa Lester (violin) for the finesse they brought to their contributions.”
                 - Neville Cohn: Reviewer of The West Australian ("From Jerusalem to Broadway with Shimon & Dov" 2nd September, 2016)