About: Suzanne Kosowitz

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Suzanne Kosowitz is a composer based in Perth, Western Australia whose works range from concert music to dance and film music. Coming from a background in jazz performance, Suzanne completed her studies in Composition and Music Technology at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in 2011. She is currently a resident artist at the recording studio Artisan Music in Malaga.

An eclectic musician and multi-instrumentalist, Suzanne's compositions are notable for their vibrant rhythms and ethereal textures. Her most recent works have been performed at the Gondwana National Choral School, WASO's Education Chamber Orchestra, the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra, and by international artists at the 2012 Atlantic Music Festival (hosted by Colby College) in Waterville, Maine USA.

In 2015, Suzanne started working as a Music Director for theatre shows, a role she instantly came to love and flourish in. Her debut production, Multiverse Theory In D, saw her arrange late-90s pop songs in various jazz styles, as well as performing live on the double bass. In her next production, she directed a cast of over 50 actors and conducted the live band in each performance. She went on to be nominated for Best Music Director at the Finley Awards 2016 for Footloose, and won Best Music (2015) for Multiverse Theory in D.
Suzanne brings these diverse experiences to her Modern Klezmer Ensemble Kol Nafshi (My Soul’s Voice), a Perth-based group that formed in 2015. Kol Nafshi comprises of students from UWA and WAAPA who have a mutual love for the tender melodies and fiery rhythms of Klezmer and World Music. They take this raw and
                                                                                                    passionate sound palette into their original arrangements of songs from classical, jazz and pop repertoire.

Her generous spirit also extends to teaching music to students of all ages. Suzanne thrives on kindling that spark in students to encourage and nurture a passion for music. She currently teaches piano, guitar, music theory and appreciation as well as composition.

Suzanne is also a passionate collaborator and thoroughly enjoys working with others to realise their visions through music. 

For more information on composition, arranging or education, contact Suzanne.